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Better start packing

Need to organise this pile of *kit!

Only 4 trips back north before we depart better make sure all the kit is in the right place :-)


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54 days to go!

All but last leg of outward flight left to sort

All flights booked but for last leg on 6 seater down to southern tip of Chile, just need hotels for transit stops then we're sorted. Bit concerned that baggage limit on last flight is 10kg - not sure I can trim down enough kit for a 6 week trip across the South Atlantic in winter into a 10kg bag!

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After dinner drinks with Sir Robin

Had the pleasure of sharing a brief after dinner drink with Sir Robin Knox Johnston the other night - his advice for our trip? - stay clam and clip on!

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Training with the RNLI

A pleasant weekend putting out fires and bobbing around in life rafts

Having plenty of theory and practical training under our belts curtesy of the RNLI and Little Ship Club we thought some practical life aboard skills were needed so who better than the team who train our superb lifeboat crews.

The nautical skills course offered by the RNLI seemed to fit the bit although it swallowed our ski holiday budget :-(

The weekend was actually very useful allowing us to brush up existing knowledge and perhaps most importantly give us the confidence we actually knew a reasonable amount to start with. Most useful were the practical fire fighting exercises and life raft training in the sea survival pool, complete with 1m swell, rain, force 4, blackout and thunder and lightning!


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