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28 May

Battlefield tour

sunny 2 °C

Today we went on a battlefield trip around the island. This was a full day of poignant visits as the date is a significant date for some of the battles. We arrived at the Lt.Col. 'H ' Jones memorial on the anniversary date of his passing. The memorial is at the spot where he died, which was extremely unnerving to then walk the 20 yards up the hill to the gun emplacement that he was trying to capture to find the woollen blankets used by the Argentinians still in place . I don't think I have the words to describe the emotion.

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Monday 27th

storm 4 °C

We have arrived in the Falklands. We arrived late last night. You may already know that if you are watching the tracker!!!!!

The day was spent sleeping to catch up from the sleep deprivation from the last 3 days. Heaven only knows how long we will need to sleep for when we get to Cape Town if that is how long we needed to sleep after only 3 days. We must have got our sea legs though as we are all now feeling queasy on land. We managed to get to visit in Port Stanley centre for a few hours in the afternoon then I am afraid it was a trip to the pub to celebrate our safe passage.
On our return to the boat the merriment started ashore continued. There were a few bar games . When I say bar games, I mean pull up bar!!!!! I didn't realise I could still do somersaults on a monkey bar. Good photos but my shoulders hurt on Tuesday .

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Sunday 26 th.

all seasons in one day

Still on our way to Port Stanley. Still on watches. Yesterday was a bit of a blur really, literally just getting up, going on watch, then sleeping again , then the next watch comes around very quickly.
Let me describe being at sea. Stand on your wobble board, look at your washing machine going around, then try to eat breakfast with the lights off!!! That is how I can best describe breakfast this morning while looking out of the
port hole from the saloon. Hopefully we will have some good core strength when we get to Cape Town.
We had had to do a lot of motor sailing up to last night, but now we are properly under sail. Yiiippppppeeeee.!!!! The swell is officially moderate, but to those who are not are not aware of what that means, that the swell is level up to the top of the coach roof , ie about 2. 5 meters. What this means is that while sitting in pilot house looking out of the window you go from seeing nothing but sea , to full sky and no sea then back again , again , again, and again.
The helm is hard work, thankfully there is an auto pilot so we can play as much as we are physically able too, then let the autopilot take over. Last night when we had the first night watch with sails it was hard work , but amazing to be sailing in full moonlight with the boat rocking in the swell and no engine rumbling as away in then back ground.
We have had our first heads explosion. For non sailors this means the loo. There is a system that after you have finished your business you have to pump the system by hand. Basically we hadn't been pumping enough to actually remove everything and it all decided to flood back and overflow in to the bathroom. Yuk. Thankfully with multiple pumps we managed to kick start the process and get everything cleaned up, if not that would have been a screw driver, rubber gloves and lots of disinfectant required. Phew, a lucky escape!!!!!!

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Friday 24 th

We're off

all seasons in one day 0 °C

I have heard of our seasons in one day, never 4 sets of emotions. I will be sad to leave this place, it gets under your skin. We have enjoyed meeting the people of Puerto Williams, there was Cotcha the fixer, Dennis the map man , the fellow yachties , oh and the friendly drunk we met in the restaurant a few nights ago. He entertained us with his three words of English, however we were sad to find out today that he had died in a car accident during the week we have been away and his funeral was today as we left. Quite sad really.
As we left there was a great snowball fight across the boats all rafted up on the dock ( the McAlvie ) quite a multi national affair, Canadians and English on our boat, the Dutch on yacht Santana, the French on Pod Orange, the German and Chilean on yacht Polar Wind and finally the Chilean from the yacht club McAlvie. Great fun.
And so, the start of our epic adventure . We left Puerto Williams in beautiful sunlight with snow capped mountains surrounding in the Beagle Channel. ........and so it begins. We dip our toe in the adventure with a three day passage to the Falklands .
Well we have now immediately started in to the watch programme. Combinations of three and or four hours on watch to off watch over a two day cycle, this will be the system until the Falklands, we will then hopefully have 2 days off, before the main leg to Cape Town.
Wildlife. As we tracked east through the Beagle channel we had a migration of cormorants surround the boat in an arrow head formation. I missed a massive pod of dolphins which surrounded the boat and played in the bow wave and the wake. The night watch had the company of various birds, petrels swooped and hopped over the waves and were silhouetted in the moonlight. There are Cape petrels and Wilson storm petrels to name but a few.

Cape Horn is absent from the travel plan. The bad weather we had on the 22nd put a stop to any plans to go there. The trip to the Horn would have been a possibility if the weather had not taken a turn for the worst. In the ever " cup half full " mode we would not have had the opportunity visit the glacier and the rest of the Beagle Channel had the weather allowed us to go to the Horn. The is always a next time!!!!!!

The first night watch was kind to us. Full moon and a sky with only a few clouds so this allowed us to keep some horizon. No rain or snow. There were a few places where the sea swell was considerable so most of crew are heartily tucking in to the Stugeron supplies. Andy unfortunately was poorly, shortly followed by me but it was quickly over and we were off watch so went to bed which is the easiest solution and woke up feeling fine. Night watches one down... How many to go?

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Thursday 23rd

The strangest place to cook a curry

all seasons in one day 0 °C

We left our diversion anchorage and made way to Puerto Williams. The day in port was spent cooking , cleaning and restocking the boat for our departure tomorrow for the Falklands. The party postponed from last night was rearranged for this evening, so catering for 15 on two burners was an interesting challenge. Andy and I cooked the base for the curry from our favourite curry book , The Curry Secret, which involves making a mash of onions, ginger and garlic which stinks as you make it, but tastes fantastic. So rather than make the whole boat smell ,I sat on the stern with a camping gas stove boiling the mixture. To add to the situation there was a seal diving and coming up of air in the bay behind me.Surreal.! Hopefully the food for the gathering of the crew and new friends in Puerto Williams was worth it.
Writing this blog is amazing . You would not believe there are so many things to remember to say, we realised we missed off the boat to boat re supply we undertook a few days ago. The yacht Klepper was still about 6 days out of Puerto Williams so we gave them a fresh food parcel of some fresh fruit and other supplies, we laughed and said it would be Christmas for them so added to the amusement by everyone signing a Christmas card and including in the parcel. From the whoops of delight as they opened the package I think it was well received . The transfer of the package to Klepper involved Phil hanging off the port side with a bag and the two yachts travelling in the same direction and then gently coming together so the cargo could be transferred. For any of our sailing friends , no sorry we did not display the restricted in ability to manoeuvre signals ( slap our wrists ).

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