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ANDY: 3rd

Monday 3rd June

Life on board is settling down nicely. Youri has thankfully stopped being sea sick and has surfaced from his bunk looking a normal colour.In addition to the sailing there is a host of chores to be done each day that keep us busy. Pumping the bilges, cleaning floors, cleaning the heads and of course turning the veg in the forepeak to make sure it doesn't go off. Cooking is a challenge in its own right. Catering for 8 three times a day is quite a task. The stove is gimbled which allows stews and etc curries to remain horizontal while cooking, the oven isn't so,is to be used sparingly and only with certainty that there can't be too many spillages. Laura's has baked a few cakes, I managed some of Mums scones, hopefully will make some more again today, but these are activities only for calm weather days.

Magnus has also challenged us all to learn to splice and whip!!! No naughty comments please. So we now have craft corner where we are all busy making strops. Tom is in the lead having made 4. I am on my second and Andy has finished one.

Magnus has shared a statement from one of his friends [sailing ]" is a series if fiddly jobs in a wobbly caravan" , I think I agree. There are so many jobs to do that are simple in every day life that are often difficult on board. For example, if the engine hasn't been on there isno hot water , so you either have a cold shower or wait and hope you can get to the shower after the engine has been on. Washing the dishes is also similarly affected. Pouring a cup of tea isa task in its own right. Asanyone whoknows me will know that this is the most important of tasks to keep the tea supply flowing, but pouring boiling water in to a teapot that is moving , while the floor you are standing on is moving and you are sliding all around the galley is quite dangerous. A health and safety risk assessment would never be risk accepted.

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ANDY: 1st

Sat 1 June

Today is Doctor Tom's 60th birthday, he has been serenaded Happy Birthday at the start of every watch (very softly at 01:00 and now more vocally at 10:00). Laura baked him a lemon drizzle cake for his birthday (whilst on watch at 04:00!). The boat brought him a pair of crocs which seem to be the footwear of choice on the boat - mainly because when you get soaked on the foredeck (not uncommon) the water just runs straight back out :-)

The postman also made his way out here, I particularly liked the one from Tom's daughter which said (with a picture of baby elephant following behind dad) "I always wanted to follow in my father's footsteps (just in case he drops his wallet)".

We thought we had finally found the Roaring Forties for a time as we sailed happy along in 30 kts under clear skies, happy birthday Tom! But sadly not to last as by the end of the day the 'Donkey' was back on (damn schedules to keep).

With the changeable conditions reefs are in and out on the main sail which unlike the three fore sails (which can be furled pretty much entirely from the aft cockpit) necessitates two to three crew up at the foot of the mast - here Claire and I got our first real dunking with us both filling our wellies - me in reverse with water shooting up my legs to wound waste height before retreating into boots (and washing me down the deck on my knees in the process) and Claire with several gallons down her neck which worked down to her boots soaked every other garment on route! Wellies are now by the reflex heater drying out. As dictated by Sod's law the GoPro wasn't on! :-(

Wind dropped off as night fell with the odd set of gusts resulting from rain showers, we are still running north to try and position ourselves ahead of those deep lows due in a couple of days

Super clear night to start with then sailed between two rain clouds which proceeded to join behind us and formed a thunderstorm, rapid sail change to make sure not caught out but managed to outrun it, just, 5kts to 27kts in a flash, Andy felt it coming but we just maintained our distance thankfully.

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ANDY: 31st

Friday 31 May

Motor sailing North in an attempt to get through the belt of lows that sweep off the Andes and fuel the Roaring Forties. There are two deep ones forecast for two days hence which we need to avoid then once above them we can ride the prevailing westerly winds that are created off the tops of the lows (they rotate in the opposite direction down here of course).

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ANDY: 30th

Thursday 30th

Had a very nice send off meal in the Waterfront Hotel last night, superb food I had beef and Claire, Patagonian Tooth Fish which was excellent, thankfully no sore heads today.

Final prep this morning consisted of topping up the water and general stowage plus the compulsory visit from the Falklands' immigration
official making sure we left :-)

Andy cooked tart tatin whilst waiting for the immigration guy so lunch
was a real pie feast - meat and potato pie followed by apple tart - back
to more basic fare over the next few days I suspect!

Well this is it , finally off on the main passage, distance to next programmed waypoint 2060NM!

What a difference in the weather, we arrived in a gale, experienced high winds throughout our stop and now we leave in 3kts of wind and light
fog, the wind even shifted slightly to blow us off the dock avoiding the need to spring off as planned.

Back into the 3 and 4 hour watch system straight away, Andy decided to
take the Stugeron this time around and instantly got the added side
benefit of being able to sleep at will.

Being on the other tack we have now rigged our lee cloths (vertical hammocks) to stop ourselves rolling out of bed.

Sea is a lot calmer than on our arrival and we are motor sailing along
with full main, Yankee and staysail out at roughly 10 knots.

Had a pleasant first night watch but with no moon and complete cloud
cover it was a bit odd as the only thing visible lights are the nav
lights in the spray at the bow. We now have nothing on the radar, no
boats near by, no land in sight , no horizon.... This will , I presume,
be the norm from now on , given that there are 15 hors of darkness very day
Question for the day. When do you clean your teeth when you are sleeping
8 times a day for 2 hours at a time and grazing food each watch to keep
the sea sicknessat bay? Answers on a postcard:)

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Technical issue :-)

Hi all - the nice people at Travellerspoint have let me know that some of our posts have not been getting through - they have fixed some (thanks Peter) but I will resend those sent from PA later - cheers from PA

ps closing in on Tristan da Cunha - shoudl arrive at what is officially the remotest island community around dawn on the 12th

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